Xotic Smoothies


The Xotik Smoothies Team has been in hospitality for over 20 years now providing a range of products via retail or commercial channels. We are extremely passionate about the quality of the beverages and food we served and in our own cafes, understanding the specific nature of customers. This invariably guided our team to developing our own range of smoothies in the form of Xotik Smoothies in Melbourne.

Our team was always looking at making the perfect smoothie, but we were unable to get it right every time. Our persistence has been beneficial in creating our brand Xotik Smoothies in Melbourne, to which anyone in the Melbourne metropolitan region and beyond can order online, via our new portal www.smoothies.melbourne.

This persistence has now also evolved from a commercial perspective dealing and selling smoothies to venues, restaurants and cafes in Melbourne whereby we now deliver Smoothies in Melbourne to homes, via our quality refrigerated service. Once you order online, we will ensure we deliver your smoothies fresh and to your door with 3-5 business days, of the order confirmation. We also guarantee our products and services whilst assuring all existing and new clients, that you will be amazed by the ease and taste of Xotik Smoothies in Melbourne.

The Xotik Smoothies in Melbourne mission, is to supply and personally deliver an easy to make healthy smoothie with pure fruit and vegetables coupled with a delicious taste, nutritional benefits, low cost with minimal wastage.

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